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Bissell Cap and Insert Assembly 203-8413 2038413

  • Bissell Cap and Insert Assembly 203-8413 2038413

Bissell Cap and Insert Assembly 203-8413 2038413

€74,00 €44,40 Save: €29,60
€44,40 €74,00 You save: €29,60



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Fits Bissell Models 1940, 19402, 19408, 19409, 1940A, 1940F, 1940Q, 1940T, 1940W
  • Bissell 203-8413
  • Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop Cap and Insert
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Had to find replacement, remember do NOT tighten too much! Let the gasket do the work!Dont tighten these too much or they break. Original broke so had to buy these. Now without 'bionic' strength i use these and they work wonderfully. Just remember: not too tight! 5Works, but too expensive!It works fine, but I hate that it's so expensive for a part that breaks so easily! Bissell should send us a 5 pack for free. 1The cap sucks. We've had to replace it twiceThe cap sucks. We've had to replace it twice. The cap splits at the threads and supergluing doesn't work it'll still leak. This review is solely for the cap not the company that is selling it (bettervac tool). At $12 a cap and replacing it twice it's not cost effective so you might as well buy a newer mop 2cap keeps breakingThe cap that came with my Bissell broke, so I ordered this one in May. After 4 months, that cap broke and I have to order it again. It's a very cheap cap..from now on I'm keeping the broken caps and going to super glue them. The part that keep breaking is the part where it screws on...it splits. 2Chuck all the weird pieces you might find along the way...I am so happy to have this replacement cap my marble tile was getting awful because i d Put off figuring out the problem with my bissell. This arrived today, and after finally getting all the other broken apart pieces loose from down in the water valve I am please to have a shiny bathroom again! Came here especially to say, though: there was a gasket, a smaller rubberized cone, a spring, a black screw, and part of the original screw-band top all down in there when I went to attach the newly-fixed water reservoir pieces. I freaked for a minute because I wasn t sure what should stay and what should go. Had a heck of a time prying loose some of the lower components especially the piece of broken-off screw-in band, but am thrilled to say that my reckless abandon in chiseling out every last little piece with a small meat fork and just popping the new reservoir cap/bottle in was the correct decision. In other words, if you bought this replacement cap and like me aren t sure what to do with other strange parts you find down in the internal nozzle, it turns out they must have all been hanging out in the broken old nozzle and you can chuck them all. This fixed my problem and my steam cleaner was back in business in a matter of minutes! 5Donate your $4-$7 to a charity insteadFits on container. Does nothing, water will not come out. What a waste of time and money. This is not a genuine replacement part. It feels cheerier cheep. Like a bottle topper, not at all like the original part I lost. Make sure you want it as your going to pay $4 or more in shipping to return it when it doesn't work so it's literally like tossing money in the garbage.Update...500 + REVIEWS! That's a enormous amount of people needing a replacement cap bissell when a lot of people don't leave reviews. I called bissell, part is under $6 but shipping was more than product. These should be free when faulty.Next tine it won't be a bissell.Used three times b4 needing a replacement head. 1Poor Quality, Atrocious PricingBissell - I purchased this cap and insert because the original broke when I tried to screw it back on. I like that I can buy a replacement, but dislike that it is made so poorly that it would break in the course of regular use. Please use stronger grade material. And if you decide that it's not worth changing, then drop the price to like 2 bucks because it's robbing the customer to charge 7 or 8 dollars for a critical part upon which the entire steam mop relies to work at all. And if it's not your price but Amazon's, then fix the arrangement.1 star for both the product quality and replacement part pricing. Will not consider Bissell products in the future. 1Come on Bissell - You should be giving these away for free until you come up with a fix!I probably should have scored this as a single star but I was feeling extra generous tonight. I rated it two stars, "I don't like it" because from what I can tell it is the same design that keeps breaking. As a technical person I did a general household comparison test. So, off to the refrigerator. Mega gorilla grip on the lid to the ketchup and guess what? I can't break the cap. Next, mustard...urg....grunt...grunt...nope, I can't break the cap on the mustard. Just how many more condiments can I test? I will never tell. And, these highly scientific tests are on caps and bottles you throw out after you use them. Bissell's design is something that theoretically should never be thrown out. So rather than stand behind the product, or come up with a fix, the consumer has to keep paying for new caps. And no, a fix would not be requiring me to put the cap on with a torque wrench calibrated by NASA. 2Proper Replacement Cap but Flawed Design.I love my Bissell Steam mop with the exception of this cap. From my experience as well as other reviews, there is an obvious design flaw in this cap which should be any easy fix for Bissell. You want the cap to be tight as the water canister is inserted cap down. It is very easy to twist the cap on too tightly and then the cap breaks easily. This happened after only my third use of the mop. Super glue repaired the cap but I ordered this replacement and will keep my repaired broken one as a spare. Bissell should redesign the cap and offer free replacements. This is an outrageous replacement price especially for a design flawed item.Speaking only of this cap, it is the correct replacement part and works properly, Unfortunately, I know that it too will break with a slight extra twist. 1Buyer beware...The cap I received was not ridged like the original OEM cap. It was flat and fairly slick when attempting to grip with slightly moist fingers (after having gotten wet in replacing the caps). If you view the other product pictures with the smoother sides, that's what I received, not the ridged one pictured as part of this Amazon product item. Had I known I would have gone with something else or maybe looked on Bissell's website for the cap. The other option would have been to buy the water reservoir and cap together for a few dollars more... that would be worth it if the cap is ridged.Also, while this is marked as a "Bissell" product it is not sold by Bissell, but instead by a third party.FWIW this will work, but having a slick sided cap to unscrew and screw on isn't going to be fun. I can only imagine the difficulty for those who have issues with gripping caps this size. 2
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