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Better Houseware 1487.8 Large Sink Protector Grid, Stainless Steel

  • Better Houseware 1487.8 Large Sink Protector Grid, Stainless Steel
  • Better Houseware 1487.8 Large Sink Protector Grid, Stainless Steel
  • Better Houseware 1487.8 Large Sink Protector Grid, Stainless Steel

Better Houseware 1487.8 Large Sink Protector Grid, Stainless Steel

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Stainless Steel Construction: Our durable sink protector rack is made of high quality stainless steel to prevent rusting, even when you use it every day
  • Large Size With Center Drain Opening: This rack measures 18. 25 by 12. 625 inches, to protect large sinks, and it has an opening in the center to easily remove the sink drain
  • Coated Protective Feet for Height: We include coated feet on the rack to raise it about 1 inch above the floor of the sink and to protect the sink from scratches. The height also lifts your dishes and cutlery above the dirty sink water
  • Open-wire Design: The grid design prevents mold from growing on the rack and in the sink
  • Air-Dry Glasses and Bowls: Because the sink protector sits slightly above the floor of the sink, you can use it to air-dry bowls and glasses, vases, and other items
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Customer Reviews

Bad placement of feet.As pictured and they support dishes well if placed right. One problem is the position of the pre-formed supports which would be better if they were further towards the ends.. If you place a heavier dish towards either end, the rack tips upward. As long as you have equal weight at the other end, they work fine. Are they truly stainless? Only time will tell to find out if they hold their shine under extended use. 4Not as picturedThe photo shows a rack with four feet. I received one with two long feet on either side. That may not seem like a big deal, but when you're rinsing out the sink, stuff gets stuck on those long parts like dykes holding back the flood. Regardless of my reasons for disliking a style of something...Is it too much to ask for the item being purchased to match the item being advertised? Why bother to show a photo if what is sent is different from what is pictured? 1... had purchased 1 of these sink protectors & really liked it. But it did not last longWe had purchased 1 of these sink protectors & really liked it. But it did not last long. It was turning brown looking & also wound up having 1 rung that was severed. Kept looking in stores & they were not 2 B found (this size). We hesitated 2 buy on line since U can't actually C the quality of the product, but since we have had good luck with Amazon in the past, decided to try it. We have been using it 4 awhile now & it looks just as new ass the day we put it in the sink. This is a higher quality than the last 1 we bought. It should last 4 awhile. Not only does it look nice in our stainless steel sink, but it does a good job of protecting the bottom of the sink. Easy 2 keep clean & dry. & use in conjunction 2 our garbage disposal or when emptying sink. This was 1 of 3 products we ordered from Amazon @ the same time.....all 3 being items we could not find in the stores! Amazon is becoming my "go to" store & I can understand why it is growing! 5Wife is happyWe needed a new sinkboard, this was pretty inexpensive compared to others, and it fit well.Before anyone tells me I'm misogynistic, we both do the dishes. But I buy too much random crap on Amazon, so she's not always happy with what shows up at the door. 5Very functional, AND look nice...We are very, very happy with these guys. We have all stainless steel in our kitchen, but have a unique porcelain sink. While the sink looks great in our country-style kitchen, it gets very scuffed after washing any pots or pans. So, to prevent the scuffing, we've been using sink protectors. And while they definitely work to prevent scuffs and nicks in the sink, they tend to get in the way while we're doing dishes. Specifically, small items like knives tend to fall underneath the protector and end up forcing you to lift the protector to get them out--which seems like a terrible idea if you can't see much due to lots of bubbles.So, we're purchased this variety of protector because 1) it's a full inch off the bottom of the sink, making it much easier to access stuff that falls beneath it without needing to lift it out of the sink. And 2) hopefully the stainless steel won't rust as fast. Our previous protector was painted white over some sort of terribly cheap metal. Six months later, nearly all the joints had rusted and were starting to stain the sink! Grr.Also, a brilliant perk: The stainless steel actually helps tie the white sink into the stainless steel decor of our current appliances. Nice! For $7, I'm not sure you can go wrong with these. Thanks, Amazon! 5Works wellItem works well to prevent scratching sink. Posts/feet are not at corners so if you place a heavier cup on edge then it will tip up. Not a problem necessarily but if you have silverware placed on it they will fall off and under neath defeating purpose of having it! So, just keep that in mind. I place all heavy items flat and near center. No rusting yet. our sink is a little bigger than grate. I had hard time buying exact one needed since base of sink rounds in. 5Good product as described. Size exactly fit the sink. Hope it can be durable as time past.Has a rack like this one but coated with plastic. Accidentally put heated pan on it and plastic melt. Rust oxidize in metal parts. The worst thing is mildew start to grow. Best solution to remove mildew is bleach, but rusting getting worst. Stainless steel should be the best solution. Hope product description is true, it is really stainless steel. 5Very useful and protects out stainless sinks from scratchesThese fits great in our sink. I like that they keep the bottom of our sinks from scratching. I prefer these to the silicone mats because they don t catch any moisture underneath. There are rubber foot guards so the metal rack is not on the metal sink. I sometimes wash them with a sink brush or stick in the dishwasher. No problem with stains or rust on them. Be sure to get the right size for your sink. At first I thought these would be too small for our sink but I m glad I got this size so there is some space between the rack and the sink sides. 5Works GreatFor a used item this sink protector fits in my sink to a tee so no silverwares would fall underneath and to protect it from hot elements. It doesn't get any mold or mildew like the rubber ones do and it makes my sink looking nice and clean. Little "feet" help raise up the protector off the sink conveniently to allow running water to drain under the grid. Quality and price are terrific as well. Very happy with this kitchen essential and both packaging and delivery met with positive expectations. Highly recommend !!! 5The price was goodI like this sink protector because it looks nice and has the drain hole. I don't like it because it is a low grade stainless steel, light weight. I bought this a few months ago. Just started using it today. The rack it replaced was a good quality stainless steel without a drain hole. The rungs ran north to south. This new one, rungs are east to west. I prefer the the vertical direction. I inspected the black rings and they appear well made. Hopefully, the black rings won't come off like they did for others who reviewed this medium sink protection. The medium was the perfect size for my sink which was installed when the house was built in 1953. Am not sure I would buy this again. Depends on how long it lasts. If it only is good for a few years, no--won't buy agian. 3
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