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BestBookStand Nice Production INP-101-O Book Stand (Bookstand / Bookstands / Holder / Cookbook / Music)

  • BestBookStand Nice Production INP-101-O Book Stand (Bookstand / Bookstands / Holder / Cookbook / Music)
  • BestBookStand Nice Production INP-101-O Book Stand (Bookstand / Bookstands / Holder / Cookbook / Music)
  • BestBookStand Nice Production INP-101-O Book Stand (Bookstand / Bookstands / Holder / Cookbook / Music)
  • BestBookStand Nice Production INP-101-O Book Stand (Bookstand / Bookstands / Holder / Cookbook / Music)
  • BestBookStand Nice Production INP-101-O Book Stand (Bookstand / Bookstands / Holder / Cookbook / Music)
  • BestBookStand Nice Production INP-101-O Book Stand (Bookstand / Bookstands / Holder / Cookbook / Music)
  • BestBookStand Nice Production INP-101-O Book Stand (Bookstand / Bookstands / Holder / Cookbook / Music)
  • BestBookStand Nice Production INP-101-O Book Stand (Bookstand / Bookstands / Holder / Cookbook / Music)

BestBookStand Nice Production INP-101-O Book Stand (Bookstand / Bookstands / Holder / Cookbook / Music)

€84,00 €51,00 Save: €33,00
€51,00 €84,00 You save: €33,00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Promotes proper posture for better spinal health
  • Large size for better hold & stability
  • Heavy duty to withstand even the bulkiest books
  • Up to 15 different adjustment levels
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Customer Reviews

Sturdy book stand. Holds 600+ page book. Improves posture!I've been using this for the last two days so this review may not be the most accurate one but I'm thinking of updating in future, if anything changes.I'm using this to hold a 600+ page book and its doing its job very well so far. The angle of viewing/reading can be adjusted using the adjustable stand and the rubber grommets at the bottom makes this product not slide off on a smooth surface. My neck thanks me now. I hope this product will help many folks out there who are looking for a sturdy book stand and improve their posture.Product is made in Korea.5My Favorite Multipurpose Book/Tablet StandI bought this for the primary purpose of holding my Samsung Galaxy S2 Tab Nook tablet in both the portrait and landscape modes. I had previously bought the Amazon Basics Adjustable Tablet Stand for this purpose, but there was not enough support on the back of the tablet for me to use the upper left and right parts of the touch screen in either portrait or landscape form without it wobbling.AmazonBasics Adjustable Tablet Stand The Amazon stand did, however, work fine for just viewing or reading. It also worked well with some games that I play, that this Actto stand won't work with. However, this Actto Portable Reading Stand works quite well when I am tapping or swiping, on the screen. It's solidly built and provides all the support I need to use the tablet either in portrait or landscape mode.The lip of the stand is wide enough for my tablet in it's MoKo EVA Shock Proof case. MoKo Tab S2 8.0 Case - EVA Kids Shock Proof Convertible Handle Light Weight Super Protective Stand Cover Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 / S2 Nook 8.0 Tablet, GREEN Other stands for the purpose of holding tablets just didn't have a wide enough lip for my tablet with it's case.However, I also got this Actto stand for actually reading real books too! It works great with almost any size book that I want to read. The arms that hold the pages open can be moved so you can turn the pages. You can also adjust the stand so you can read at an angle that is comfortable for you. There are non-skid bands on the back supporting arms and also on the arms that hold the pages down so there is no slipping.The stand when folded up could be put in a backpack but it would not be able to fit in the Ibagbar Durable Vintage Multifunction Canvas Shoulder Bag Business Messenger Bag Ipad Bag Tote Bag Satchel Bag for Men and Women Black messenger bag that my tablet with the MoKo EVA Shock Proof case can fit in. If I wanted to take a stand with me to use, I'd probably take the AmazonBasics Adjustable Tablet Stand because it can fold up easily and fit in small spaces in the messenger bag.I am very happy with the Actto stand. It can be moved easily from place to place with the tablet or book safely on it. It is a good multipurpose book/tablet stand although I'm sure the developer did not have tablets in mind when it was created! It is sturdy, made of what looks like a high impact plastic that allows for a slight flexibility, meaning that it won't break as easily as a ridged plastic would. For my purposes, it's the ideal stand.5Beware of the screws. See photo.I have ordered all three sizes. The first one was the middle size and I LOVE it. Use it everyday. So, I decided to order the other two sizes because the middle size perfect for larger books.Received my package today and the big one had the sides messed up. Thought about returning but such a hassle. But the main things that is different is how the moving mechanism moves.On my middle on it has screws (as shown in SOME of pictures) but the small and large ones have what looks like cheap nails in the side. I mean, it already came with one end popped.I would have to say the small and large one feel very cheaply made when compared to the middle one. Beware of the different photos. Some show screws while others show little nails.They do hold up books but these two news one don t feel like they would survive in a book bag.2Great buy!!!! Sturdy. Nice backside to adjust the angle. Nice flexible page holders. Don't waste your money on the plastic one. Initially I would have given the other one a 4-5 star review but after it broke I would give it a 3 star. After using this now I would give the popular plastic one 2 stars. It simply does not compare, and for the few dollar savings it's simply not worth it. Also, I read the one star reviews and I think these people are kookoo. Either they got a defective one which is going to happen or they have lost associations with reality.5Unclear Instructions - here's a vid to help 3-stars:The stand seems to be high quality, but the instructions were quite unclear as to how to lock and unlock the shelf. The advertised pictures show that there are screws on the hinges but the one I received doesn't have any screws, so I literally spent like 10 minutes or more just trying to figure out how to flip the shelf down.1 hour later - 5 stars:After experimenting for a while I'm actually glad it doesn't have screws. It works great, and I've included a vid to assist in those considering buying this to know how to fold the tray down.5Great item with 2 usesI love this item. I've been using it a lot ever since I bought it. I like that I can also use it as a stand for my laptop. It raises it a little so that I'm not hunched down. I didn't even knew about this option until I saw the instructions on the package. The lower lip that supports the book can angle itself into a different postition so that it can serve as a laptop stand all you have to do is have it on the lowest setting. The price was not bad and the prime 2 day shipping was an added bonus that made me purchase this item right away. At first I was concerned about the size because I purchased the smallest one which was the 11.81x8.27 inches, but so far it can hold large heavy books. The largest and heaviest book I have right now is my medical surgical book which weighs about 5lbs and is 11x9 inches. I can stay that this bookstand is very sturdy and is worth buying.5Perfect! Even holds ginormous nursing book.I love it! It holds my 2,000+ paged nursing book. Now maybe I'll stop getting headaches from hunching over the table. Light weight. Super easy to use. Many viewing positions. I love the page holders. You can move them out of the way it use them to hold the page. They have rubbery like little ends to hold the page securely. It's perfect! Just what I needed!Update: I've been using it everyday for school for a while now and still no problems. I love it and would highly recommend it to students, cooks, anyone that needs a book in the upright position. Several levels to put book at any angle.5Get the biggest one if you are a studentMy only regret is waiting this long in my life to discover this product. I got the biggest one. Don't be afraid that it is too big. It's not if you are a student, pretty much all of my textbooks open to be wider and taller than this book stand. However, that's not a bad thing considering this holds my 1,400 page textbooks just as well as my 300 page work books, just pointing out that your average textbook is bigger than the biggest size so don't be afraid to go big. This increases readability and improves posture and comfort which, of course, translates into longer study sessions. The page holders are perfect for those annoying paperback books that insist you hold down the pages while reading. Folds flat and fits in my backpack as well as any other textbook. This is just hands down a 5 star product. Never seen so many other students envious over a piece of bamboo. Pretty sure I'm about to start a trend at my University with this thing.5I love this thingDid some research on book stands before I picked this one. I am in school and for one class I can have several different shaped books. The huge Norton Anthologies are always the killers; they're heavy, small print, about 2000 pages and just annoying to try to comfortably read. I love this book stand. It's incredibly sturdy. The two springy page holders, are genius. You can swivel them in any direction, so it doesn't block words on the page and it is a tight fight for thin books or you can pull back for those thick books. It has a ton of different angles to make height adjustments. I like this because I can have it on the table and have it more upright, or kick my feet up on my desk with it in my lap and lower it. the natural wood is pretty and it folds down compact to put it away on my shelf. genius packaging too. Would definitely buy again, but I think this thing is so sturdy, I probably won't have to.5HIDDEN TREASURE!I was searching for a book stand and found a few but none that were reasonably priced, portable, and looked nice. After much searching, i finally found this the INP 101-O. Let me start by saying that this book stand is a hidden treasure! I love it! It is very portable, good quality, nice looking, and reasonably priced. You can adjust the back settings to different degrees which is really convenient. What i really like about it though, is the fact that you can adjust the front part two different ways...if you are reading your textbook, you can pull the platform out and use the page holders to keep the pages in place. If you want to take notes or use your laptop, you can reverse the platform (which can be tricky at first) and write comfortably. When i first got mine, it was a little stiff. But i called customer service (which was super friendly and helpful) and they assured me that it was just stiff the first few times, for better stability. So far loving it!~Highly recommend this book stand.5
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