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Portion Control Lunch Containers Reusable Meal Prep Containers, No Bpa Set Of 4 (Beach/Multicolo

  • Portion Control Lunch Containers   Reusable Meal Prep Containers, No Bpa   Set Of 4 (Beach/Multicolo
  • Portion Control Lunch Containers   Reusable Meal Prep Containers, No Bpa   Set Of 4 (Beach/Multicolo
  • Portion Control Lunch Containers   Reusable Meal Prep Containers, No Bpa   Set Of 4 (Beach/Multicolo
  • Portion Control Lunch Containers   Reusable Meal Prep Containers, No Bpa   Set Of 4 (Beach/Multicolo
  • Portion Control Lunch Containers   Reusable Meal Prep Containers, No Bpa   Set Of 4 (Beach/Multicolo
  • Portion Control Lunch Containers   Reusable Meal Prep Containers, No Bpa   Set Of 4 (Beach/Multicolo
  • Portion Control Lunch Containers   Reusable Meal Prep Containers, No Bpa   Set Of 4 (Beach/Multicolo

Portion Control Lunch Containers Reusable Meal Prep Containers, No Bpa Set Of 4 (Beach/Multicolo

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Comes with 4 translucent multi-purpose, leak-proof, containers that make it easy for you to have a well-balanced portioned meal on the go!
  • Great for meal prep, pre-packing on-the-go snacks and meals. Also great for storing leftovers!
  • Durable, reusable and easy to clean--containers are dishwasher and microwave safe (containers, not lids)
  • Lids and containers can be used on their own or in the Bentology Bento Box for maximum versatility
  • Made in USA / BPA Free / Includes 1 year manufacturer's guarantee
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Customer Reviews

Translucent midnight is really, really dark - Basically black.These boxes are seriously amazing. We use them for my 22 month olds daycare lunch. You can fit all the food groups into a convenient packaging. They also fit perfectly into the "Pack-it" brand lunch box, so there isn't a need for ice packs. That being said, this "translucent midnight" is REALLY dark. Like Black. It barely looks blue at all unless you open it and hold it in direct sunlight. It doesn't change the quality, but I was definitely taken aback when I ordered it. The picture makes it look a blue color, and its not at all. If I purchased from a regular store, I definitely would have exchanged and got a different color, its that dark (in this case I didn't want to deal with the hassle of sending back). If that's what you're looking for, order away! But I just wanted to drop an FYI in case you were looking for a more blue color, as I was. 4Best oneFor us these are the best boxes. We got the pink and the green. For fruits, veggies and snacks we use the containers. If we want a bagel or something that won't fit into a container we just put it in the box. I like that someone else hasn't determined how many, what size and where my slots need to be. Each meal or snack is different so I only need one box and make it fit me. I've run all of the parts in the dishwasher with no problems and haven't had any leaks or spills. I also haven't tried to carry soup or other liquids. 5Pretty much perfectThis bento box is pefect for packing my snacks. Let me state that I love it and its exactly what I need. The only complaint I have are reminisce. The only thing that sucks is that it doesn't fit in my lunch bag. ALSO, its kind of hard to open, but in retrospect at least I know it won't accidentally spill. Nor can I fit anything in the box when I have the containers in it. I didn't expect to put anything really big in there, but all I put one of those small packaged tuna that not even bigger than my pinky and yet, it wouldn't managed to close. 4The best!! Love Bentology. My son is 4 and in Pre K and it s plenty of space for his food and then some. He loves the Bento concept and that his food is all in one place in front of him. Packed full, it would be enough food for a grown adult. I actually found a Bentology lunch bag (the one with the water bottle holder and zipper pocket on the front) that came with some extra containers on clearance at Staples, so those, along with what came in this kit, allows for plenty of different configurations when organizing his lunch. The large clamshell-like container that all the little containers sit in is not leak proof, nor does it claim to be, but the smaller lidded containers inside are. I don t send soup or anything too watery but ranch dressing, barbecue sauce and yogurt have all done just fine in this lunch box. Aside from all different options when organizing lunch, I love the Bentology sleeve lunch bag that this fits inside perfectly. I prefer it to the larger one I found at Staples just because it takes up less room in his smaller backpack. The only thing that would make it perfect would be a sleeve inside to hold the ice pack in place but it s a small gripe. Sometimes I skip the ice pack all together and throw in a frozen juice pouch. It s the same size as the included ice pack and keeps his lunch cold until it s time to eat. There s so many options, I can even take out the large container(s) inside or just move stuff around to fit a juice box or Horizon milk box along side his sandwhich/ full size lunch. I don t usually put a lid on the containers when sending his food to school unless it s a sauce or yogurt... Less pieces to loose and it s easier for him come lunch time to just open the box and eat but I do find the lids useful each night after making his lunch to store in the fridge/ keep it fresh until morning time when I take them off and put the box into his lunch sleeve. I also love the space on the right for a spoon/ fork/ napkin/place to store the lids etc. It s just really well thought out with so many options and a good choice for any age. It s been great for us. I swear my son eats more because of it. Just wish I d discovered Bentology last year! I also appreciate the Bentology lunch ideas eBook that comes with it... Helpful for inspiration when I feel like his lunches are getting a little repetitive/ boring. 5This box is revolutionizing my at-work lunch game.This box is revolutionizing my at-work lunch game. After looking at a lot of bento style boxes I decided to go with a plastic one in case I wanted to microwave anything. I also wanted one with lids. This set coming in a cute raspberry color also helped! The set comes as shown with 5 containers and three lids. I will save you some trouble and state here that these are more leak resistant than leak proof. The lidded containers work great to seal things like potato salad. They do NOT work as well with coleslaw. Learn from me! That said I now know to keep this container straight side up or at least in a plastic bag while in transit.The big container is roughly the same length and width of a sheet of typing paper. It's about 3 inches high. While this is larger than I expected, it's really the perfect size for a lunch. I have room to pack a sandwich (on a thick roll) as well as things like potato salad, trail mix, and cookies or fruit. The compartments keep everything organized without the need for baggies and I don't have to worry about anything getting squashed.I have a set of travel silverware from Sistema which I have been keeping in the box for easy access. At night I take everything home, rinse it off and I'm ready to go again the next day. All in all I couldn't be happier. 5Doesn't seal.Don't waste your money! Set does not seal, leaks and is not dishwasher safe. This is a really cute set -I'm so disappointed! From the day I received it, it has not stayed closed and requires a rubber band to secure it, totally ruining the aesthetic appeal. I was willing to overlook the fact that I had to hand wash each and every piece EVERY DAY when I get home from work, but even still, the soft inner plastic pieces are warping after only about a week of use. Save your money and please, if you find a great bento set, message me, because I'm clearly in the market again. 1Sadly, I dressed my backpack instead of my salad...The box has great dimensions and fits in the space I need it to. Portion size is perfect, but the containers with lids DO NOT SEAL. The box itself isn't leakproof, but the lidded containers profess to be. They are not. I have been hand washing the containers (no dishwasher) and they leak every time. This is not a one time event or a "dummy didn't put the lid on right" thing. Hummus works, Italian dressing does not. Tzatziki works but you can forget Soy ginger dipping sauce. Very disappointing. 2Not Bad But It's for Portion Control!I needed a new bento style lunch box, as I had bought two separate bento style boxes from Four Square or Three Square, whatever it's called, and on BOTH of those, the inner plastic tray developed cracks after only a few months' use. I never even used a dishwasher, I washed it by hand. Very disappointing. I tried a Yum Yum box also but that was WAY too small. I gave it to a 7 year old.I love the idea of a bento style lunch box so I thought I'd try this one, because it seemed different than the Four Squares. Instead of an inner thick plastic tray with separated cups, with the lid coming down as the "sealer", this one comes with two medium sized "Tupperware" style cups with lids and two smaller ones and one very tiny one.I like how I can mix and match them. Sometimes I don't need the tiny one, sometimes I need two mediums, or one larger and one medium. So that is a plus. It was hard figuring out how to open the main box at first, but once you learn the knack for it, it's simple. I purchased an adorable cover for it from the same company with pictures of a cat wearing glasses and it's super cute and matches perfectly. I have received many compliments. Warning: It doesn't hold a lot. That is OK. I don't like to bring HUGE lunches to work anyway and it's fine. I'm trying to cut down. I use the tiny one to hold chocolate morsels to put in my yogurt. I actually spoon yogurt into a medium container and put the lid on, with no leaking at all. I will put deli meat into another one. Keeps it fresh. I leave out the other two and put a cheese stick and a small 100 calorie bag of chips on the side and it's perfect. So far, no issues. I like the versatility of being able to use as many or as few of the containers as I want. 4Great for packing lunches for workThis is a great lunchbox! It arrived exactly as pictured. I like the color scheme of the raspberry container with the light blue lids. It is not too big so it fits nicely in the mini-fridge at work. It holds plenty of food to fill me up on my lunch break. The only thing I would like better is if it came with utensils, since my silverware from home is too big to fit in the little side compartment. Not a big deal, but I'm going to have to go find a fork and spoon that will fit. 5Worthless piece of trashWhen I first received this I had a bit of trouble popping the latch open. Once I had it open, it never closed again. I would have the latch in place and the box edges popped together, but the lid just kept popping open.This is poorly made - total trash. Your latch should not be so weak. If I ever want to use this, I have to put a rubber band around it and hope the open containers don't leak. I can't believe I wasted money on this thing. 1
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