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Bankers Box STOR/FILE Storage Boxes, Standard Set-Up, Lift-Off Lid, Letter/Legal, Case of 12 (00703)

  • Bankers Box STOR/FILE Storage Boxes, Standard Set-Up, Lift-Off Lid, Letter/Legal, Case of 12 (00703)
  • Bankers Box STOR/FILE Storage Boxes, Standard Set-Up, Lift-Off Lid, Letter/Legal, Case of 12 (00703)
  • Bankers Box STOR/FILE Storage Boxes, Standard Set-Up, Lift-Off Lid, Letter/Legal, Case of 12 (00703)
  • Bankers Box STOR/FILE Storage Boxes, Standard Set-Up, Lift-Off Lid, Letter/Legal, Case of 12 (00703)
  • Bankers Box STOR/FILE Storage Boxes, Standard Set-Up, Lift-Off Lid, Letter/Legal, Case of 12 (00703)
  • Bankers Box STOR/FILE Storage Boxes, Standard Set-Up, Lift-Off Lid, Letter/Legal, Case of 12 (00703)

Bankers Box STOR/FILE Storage Boxes, Standard Set-Up, Lift-Off Lid, Letter/Legal, Case of 12 (00703)

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€218,00 €362,00 You save: €144,00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • 14 Days Return

  • Double wall, single wall construction
  • Lift-off lid ships attached to prevent lid loss, then tears off for use
  • Basic-duty, standard set-up construction for moderate stacking or use with shelving
  • Item dimensions: 12 x 10 x 15 Inches and Shipping dimensions: 28.2 x 5 x 23 inches
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Customer Reviews

These boxes have only 50% of the carboard compared to my older ones!I was going by the name, and just ordered them, without reading the whole web page, as I ve used their boxes for decades. But I should have read further: the manufacturer s ad in the middle of the page calls these basic quality, and they are both wimpy and ugly compared to the others I have. The walls are not triple thick on the ends, nor double thick on the sides, and the top edges are therefore not folded, but cut. The single-thickness cardboard sides are wobbly and bend easily, and the cut edges are in the perfect place to cut one s arms and hands whilst packing, unpacking, or searching inside this box. I doubt seriously that the filled boxes could be stacked without crushing. I m stuck with this carton of twelve, because I didn t catch the warning, but I sure won t be buying these again, and I may recycle the 12 I have, instead of attempting to find a use for them. They are a real disappointment, a betrayal from a brand to which I have been loyal for decades. 1Assembly ProblemsI purchased this 12-pack set of Bankers Boxes for the convenience and the bulk price, rather than purchasing smaller quantities at the local office supply store. There are always usage applications for this product throughout the year. I have been buying this brand and box model for many years, so was surprised to have problems with the assembly process. When folding over the sides of the lid, it appeared there was too much cardboard with the rollover process, as it was difficult to insert the tabs into the lid slots. After assembly, this caused the lid to 'spread', resulting in a looser fit when placed on the lower box. Some tabs would not stay 'locked' in the slot cut-outs. Of the 12 boxes and lids, half of them had the lid assembly problem. I had an immediate need for the boxes, so did not have the time for replacements to be shipped. The box/lid assembly process has always been perfect in the past. 2Great, sturdy boxesI bought these a while ago to file away important papers and some less important odds and ends.PROS:+ Easy to read and understand instructions right on the box+ Sturdy enough to hold a large amount of papers+ Hanging files fit inside them perfectly+ Fit in the Ikea Hemnes shelf perfectly!+ The top fits the box well!CONS:+ I don't like how they look on the outside, but that is personal preference and I could easily change it 5As expected, but overpricedI buy Banker's Boxes continuously, from many sources.Amazon offers me convenience, they deliver whatever, right to my door.So, the product is what it is. This specific version is one of their rather lightweight versions. So, realize that when you are choosing this version. There is very little strength on the long sides, which are only single layered. The Bottom and the ends have two layers of cardboard. So, purchase these if you don't need strength on the long sides. For example, although hanging folders fit perfectly, the box won't hold up.This source is expensive. One can find these (#00703) for much less at Sams Club. Costco now carries the triple sided sturdy version. But, for both places, you have to be a member, and, you have to go there. Pick you poison. 3Flimsier than expected/confusing instructionsI found these boxes were very disappointing. Though advertised as basic, they were flimsier than I expected. I admit to be terrible in following visual instructions but I was totally stymied. No problem with the lid, but the only way I could figure out how to assemble the box so that the insructions weren't visible at the bottom was to use packing tape. I don't think you are supposed to need tape but after an hour of perplexity I seemed to have no choice. Anyway, maybe some visually talented person can add a video of how to assemble! 2GREAT FOR STORAGE, TRANSPORTING STUFF, COLLEGE STUDENTSIf you are familiar with file folder boxes aka bankers boxes, this is exactly the product you are looking for. If you are unfamiliar with these boxes, they are excellent for storage. File folders fit perfectly, but we also use them for general storage.We use these boxes for storage all over our house. Our spare storage closet is piled sky high with these boxes. They are also excellent for storage in regular closets and under (elevated) beds. In addition, we use them for transporting belongings to and from college. Labelled boxes make unpacking super easy. Since the boxes flatten, they can easily be stored under a bed. Alternatively, leave some assembled, toss a sheet over the top and voila! Makeshift table.PROS: easy to assemble sturdy piles sky high with 450 pounds stacking strength easy to label very versatile good size easy to carry, handles optionalCONS: Be aware that the price fluctuates widely on all quantities of these bankers boxes. If you don t like what you see, come back in a few days and look again. When you change the contents of the box, you already wrote on it. I know of no easy fix for this, but you do have two sides you can write on. Over time, this leads to a lot of crossing out and rewriting. Lids are like socks in the dryer. If you get enough of these boxes, over time you will find that you unfathomably have more boxes than lids. No clue how this happens. 5awesome easy boxes worth itI simply love the functionality and practicality of these boxes. We are using them for a move, and honestly, we are no longer spring chickens. Who wants to lug around large, heavy boxes? I'm saving my back, and the convenience of lifting the lid is so nice! The size, ease of assembly, make moving much more manageable. My photo is of empty boxes we just put together. We plan on stacking a couple of them onto a Dollie when we load and unload the truck. Since they're not over sized, we won't be hurting our backs or overloading the weight. Highly recommend! 5Very sturdy---great for temporary storageI actually bought these boxes because I am in the process of donating many books to charity, and wanted an easier way to carry them than plastic bags or unwieldy cardboard boxes without handles. I don't know how they would stand up to longer term storage, but for my purposes they are nearly perfect---the cardboard is good quality, the boxes are easy enough to put together, and even with a full load of hardcover books inside, I haven't yet had a problem with stability in walking them down to my car.I don't know if I would use them for long-term storage, just because cardboard isn't really designed to be a survivor vs. things like plastic totes, but if I need more boxes for book donations, I will be coming back to this product! 5excellent product - very sturdy - good valueI am in the process of moving hundreds of books and needed boxes that were sturdy but not too large that I would not be able to lift the contents (as a senior female). These storage boxes are ideal! Hard cover books can be heavy, of course - but these boxes do not strain under the load - extremely sturdy and an excellent value for the price. I bought 3 packs - no imperfections. They are easy to assemble (standard set up) - with easy descriptive drawings to follow along if you are not sure. The directions are not on visible on the outside of the box or lid after assembly - just clean, professional markings to write on to indicate what is in the box. I would consider these professional grade boxes - good for a commercial/office application. 5Size Keeps Weight ManageableMy office was using this larger Bankers Box Stor/File Medium-Duty Storage Boxes with String & Button, Letter, 12 Pack (00704) style Bankers Box but found they were too large for some members of our office team to lift once packed. We switched to these and the smaller size keeps the box weight manageable such that everyone in the office can move these. These smaller boxes are also more sturdy in construction.Our primary use for these boxes is in transferring paper files to a document scanning service. For this use they are fine. They are stout enough to allow stacking up to five boxes high and for those stacks to then be moved via a hand truck (dolly). The price at the time of purchase was a good value and the quality more than adequate for the use described. No complaints here. 4
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