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Babymoon Pod - for Flat Head Syndrome & Neck Support (Baby Pink)

  • Babymoon Pod - for Flat Head Syndrome & Neck Support (Baby Pink)
  • Babymoon Pod - for Flat Head Syndrome & Neck Support (Baby Pink)
  • Babymoon Pod - for Flat Head Syndrome & Neck Support (Baby Pink)
  • Babymoon Pod - for Flat Head Syndrome & Neck Support (Baby Pink)
  • Babymoon Pod - for Flat Head Syndrome & Neck Support (Baby Pink)
  • Babymoon Pod - for Flat Head Syndrome & Neck Support (Baby Pink)
  • Babymoon Pod - for Flat Head Syndrome & Neck Support (Baby Pink)
  • Babymoon Pod - for Flat Head Syndrome & Neck Support (Baby Pink)

Babymoon Pod - for Flat Head Syndrome & Neck Support (Baby Pink)

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • PREVENT FLAT HEAD SYNDROME (POSITIONAL PLAGIOCEPHALY). Babymoon Pod cradles your baby's head by distributing pressure to help develop a round head shape.
  • ADJUSTABLE FOR A VARIETY OF USES. Can be used when baby is lying on her back, during playtime, and as support during nursing as well as in a bouncer, stroller, or car seat, making it a must-have for parents who are on the go.
  • 2 PILLOWS IN 1. As your baby grows, Babymoon Pod transitions into neck support for feeding, playing, or traveling in strollers and car seats.
  • EASY TO CLEAN. Simply toss into the washing machine to wash and dry. Available in 100% cotton or plush polyester, Babymoon Pod gives ultra-comfort to your little one with easy cleaning for mom and dad.
  • Proudly MADE IN THE USA for utmost quality and safety. All Babymoon Pods are tested and meet rigorous safety standards.
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Customer Reviews

Great product mommies!I bought it for my daughter when she was 2 months old and I noticed her head was flat. She was a good sleeper and always slept on the back of her head. Four months later after using the pillow I could see the big difference - her head looks nice and round, although it said that you shouldn't use it in a crib, I did. Of course I also tried to give her a lot of tummy time and as she grew she was spending less time on the back of her head, but I still think the pillow made a huge difference. Now she doesn't need it anymore as she sleeps on her sides. I would definitely recommend this product! 5it works!This pillow actually worked! Our baby was getting a flat spot on the back of his head, so we started using this pillow whenever we laid him down(during the day, not when he was asleep). A month later the flat spot was gone, and we won't be needing a helmet. I recommend this to anyone.I should add that our baby was about 3.5 months old when we started using the pillow. We used it for <2 months total, basically until he started moving around too much for it to be useful. 5It really does workAt first I was skeptical that a pillow this small would work since i figured she would move her head right off of it, so im not sure where people are getting the "this is too big and bulky" from. Maybe if your baby is a day to a week old this would be too big.My baby girl is almost 4 months, but when i took the first photo she was around 3. As you can see, she favored one side more which brought on the flat spot. At her 2 month check up, our pediatrician recommended that we keep her off of it by propping a rolled up blanket behind her so she'd be on the opposite side. We tried that and it didn't work since she would turn her head to that side as she favored it. I began to worry that it would only get worse since it wasn't getting better and decided to research, which brought me to this pillow.After 9 days of using this every night for her to sleep on, her head shape has improved drastically. I'm now a believer in this pillow and will recommend to anyone who's dealing with the same issue.The $25 price tag on such a small pillow made me hesitant, but it's worth it since it keeps the pressure of the skull off the flat, hard mattress.She does rotate her head on the pillow from left to right but it still keeps her head shape round. I was worried that she would need to sleep flat on the back of her head for it to work but much to my surprise that isn't the case at all.She's in the 92% for head circumference and doesn't move her head off the pillow when sleeping which I'm thankful for.This pillow saved me from my worries of having to possibly get a helmet. Thankfully I do not have to worry anymore.*P.S.*I read some of the low ratings and how their baby was scratched by the velcro. You're not supposed to lay your baby on the velcro side. That should be common sense, then you won't be dealing with irritated, scratched skin. 5my baby had really bad flat spots on right side of his headThis pillow really works, my baby had really bad flat spots on right side of his head, i was afraid he was going to need a helmet, i ordered three different pillows and none of them worked, and then my mom told me to order the "donut" shaped one instead of foamie pillow, and i ordered this, so glad i did, my little guy's head is so perfect, even i cannot believe how much it has improved. So do not hesitate, I'd recomend it to everyone 5Love this little pillow!I purchased this pillow about 3 weeks ago when I noticed my 3 month old daughter's head was becoming flat. I became a little obsessed over it and looked up ways to help reshape it and prevent it from becoming worse. I came across this pillow and read the reviews and saw the pics and immediately bought it. I thought the price was a little high but decided it was worth it to try it out. I am so glad I did!! Within a day I noticed the curve starting to come back and now her head is almost completely rounded out! I highly recommend this! I am thinking of buying another because I use it so much. She sleeps every night on it in her rock n play. We use it when we change her and when she lays on her activity mat. She loves it! I can tell it makes her comfortable too. I am buying one for my sister who is due this summer. If you are worried about flat head syndrome and need something to help fix it or prevent it, buy this pillow! 5It really works! And Fast!This pillow is amazing! After one night of use I noticed a big difference. My baby had a flat spot in the middle portion of the back of his head and also the top part seemed "tall" I felt it was going to only get worse and the entire back of his head would be flat. Here is a before and after picture of using the pillow for only FIVE days! His head gets rounder and rounder everyday. 5Works!!!At my daughters 4 month check up her doctor said she needed a helmet because of her flat head. After reading many reviews of people fixing flat heads themselves I decided to buy this pillow. We have been using this pillow for a month and 3 weeks now and her head is almost completely rounded out!! 5It worked in two weeks!My 4 1/2 month old started developing a flat spot at the back of his head. I started using this pillow while he was awake on his plat mat per the instructions but he fidgets a lot and sometimes the pillow moved out of place. Two weeks later his head hadnt gotten worse but didn't improved either so I started to use at nap and bed times. The box says not to do that which I think applies to younger babies because the pillow brings the head slightly higher than the shoulders and can block the breathing canal. But mine was 5 months at the time and I folded a thick blanket that I laid him on that went from his shoulders and below, so under his head and neck was only the pillow. This leveled his body to prevent any discomfort or possible breathing issues. I saw a difference in 2 days! A week into it and his head was well rounded! The Velcro part has an extra piece of cloth that inverts and covers it to prevent scratching the baby. If you are worried about your babies head then this pillow will fix it if you use it religiously. Definitely recommend! 1 star was taken off, its pricey for something like a neck travel pillow. 4that recommended this pillowThis pillow is so soft. I was using one of those foam Chinese made foam pillows that are supposed to prevent flat head but they didn't seem to be working. I kind of just scrolled through and didn't consider this pillow because i thought it was just a neck support thing for carseats. It wasn't until i was reading a blog online, that recommended this pillow, that i decided to give it a try. My daughter's head was not very flat but i was noticing it was getting lop sided because she preferred to sleep on a certain side. With this pillow her head does not touch the bed so it has helped a lot. I did notice after a while the cushioning in the pillow started being pushed more outward and so her head was able to touch the bed again. I was discouraged when i noticed this but after a quick wash and dry (with the dryer) the problem was fixed and the pillow fluffed right back up. I would recommend you wash if you notice this happening. Overall i am very pleased with this purchase and for me it was worth the money.She uses the pillow all night as she sleeps (I have no issues with her sliding off the pillow which is one of the issues i had with the foam pillow) and while in her bouncer during the day. 5although they don't recommend it due to safety concernsI have only been using this pillow with my son for a couple weeks now, but I can see and feel a bit of a difference. He was 4.5 months old when we started using it. He's five months and a few days now. We use it anytime he's flat on his back, and also for sleeping, although they don't recommend it due to safety concerns. I will however say that my son's crib is right next to my bed, and I am the LIGHTEST SLEEPER ALIVE. Seriously, if he even exhales more deeply than normal I will wake up, so I feel okay using it. I should also mention that he sleeps all the way through the night for about 9 hours. This is why we decided to try it during sleep.Now, my son had a very bad flat spot on the back of his head. His pediatrician decided we needed to consult with a pediatric plastic surgeon to see about getting him a helmet. Like some other reviewers commented; I have also read the studies on the effectiveness of helmets. I decided it would be best to try this pillow along with gradually increasing tummy time, and go for the consultation at the end of the month. So that would give us about a month to try to fix it ourselves Before we have to decide if we want the helmet. In the time that we have had the pillow, we have noticed his head is starting to round out, and the flat spot isn't as prominent as it was when we began. I am happy to say we will continue it's use because I do see results.I will update this review in a couple weeks with before and after pictures.I have only rated the pillow 4 stars because I think the price should be lower. 4
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