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Alvin Gbm Series Green/Black Professional Self Healing Cutting Mat 24 X 36

  • Alvin Gbm Series Green/Black Professional Self Healing Cutting Mat 24 X 36
  • Alvin Gbm Series Green/Black Professional Self Healing Cutting Mat 24 X 36
  • Alvin Gbm Series Green/Black Professional Self Healing Cutting Mat 24 X 36
  • Alvin Gbm Series Green/Black Professional Self Healing Cutting Mat 24 X 36
  • Alvin Gbm Series Green/Black Professional Self Healing Cutting Mat 24 X 36

Alvin Gbm Series Green/Black Professional Self Healing Cutting Mat 24 X 36

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • A PROFESSIONAL'S CHOICE - Alvin has been the professional's choice for drafting tools and drawing supplies for over half a century. Since 1950, we have brought quality and value to our customers. Our tools help bridge the gap between ideas and innovations We are known for our wide selection of high quality tools at a fair price.
  • SUPERB QUALITY - Ideally used for cutting paper in any surface and to protect your furniture from any damage; green and black, 3mm thick, 24 inches x 36 inches.
  • NON-STICK SURFACE - Cut with any kind of paper and not worry about it sticking to the surface of the cutting mat.
  • SOPHISTICATED DESIGN - Printed with grid lines of 45 and 60 degree angles, also 0.5 inches thick line, you'll have no problem cutting straight lines. And you can choose between black and green when doing any of your projects.
  • SELF HEALING - With the self healing technology it will help prevent your knife blade from dully too quickly.
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Customer Reviews

WarpedArrived warped and despite multiple attempts to straighten out (using heat, weight etc.) it still returns to its original condition 3 months after purchase. Waste of my time. 1Great for use with rotary cutters, but keep away from heatI previously owned the Alvin 18x24 inch cutting mat, and I loved it. I had to upgrade to this one because I kept the previous on in the car during a hot couple of days, and it warped/crimped up on one edge and the entire thing shrunk about .5 inches so it didn't match up exactly with the marks on my ruler anymore.This product arrived in a very large, picture-frame shaped box. It was not folded in half, but it did have a slight bend from being slumped in the box. After lying flat on the ground for several hours, the bend was gone. There was no strong odor. The mat self-heals well and doesn't retain marks from my rotary cutter.As other reviewers have noted, this mat is exactly 36x24 inches, and only has numbers up to 35 and 23 inches with a half-inch border around the edge.I learned my lesson with transporting these cutting mats and exposing them to heat, and I plan on keeping this one in my house and away from any heat sources.12/28/15 EDITED TO ADD:I was very careful to keep the cutting mat out of my hot car or heat sources. I kept it behind my sewing machine desk in my air conditioned loft. When I next pulled it out, it had warped along the top because--I'm assuming--it was near a window. It was not exposed to direct sunlight, but the heat from the window significantly warped the top of the mat.As far as durability, the mat held up well over the year or so I used it. The only issue I had was when I cut a large number of quilt strips along the 45 degree line with my rotary cutter, a long, narrow, sliver/chunk of the mat came out along that line. The mat was still usable, but it wasn't perfectly smooth anymore.I took away a star from my original review because, even though I like this product, it warps entirely too easily when exposed to the slightest heat. I am buying yet another one, but this time I will keep it on the wood floor beneath the rug in my craft room. Fingers crossed it lasts longer this time! 4Alvin Professional Cutting Mats Green/Black Size - 36L x 24W inchesI was looking for a durable surface for my workbench I just built. I have a small Staedtler cutting mat and thought, hey this would make a good surface that can take a lot of abuse and can be cut on without really damaging it. Perfect. I used three of these side by side. They stick to the wood surface very well, as they do not slide. It also makes a great surface for my mouse. No need for a mouse pad. I will upload some pictures so you can see them in use. 5THIS IS IS BEST!!!!Debated on which to buy due to many reviews of all products of this type and was worried that it would come rolled. But not the case it came in a perfect box, which I have kept for long term storage. I have used it extensively since I purchased it, and it's still in perfect condition. I have "sip and sew" classes for my daughter and friend as they expand their sewing skills. GREAT PRODUCT -GREAT QUALITY -Highly recommend 5Good mat depending on your climate?Alvin Professional Cutting Mats Green/Black 36L x 24WI don t know the chemistry behind these 'self healing' mats but I've had mine for about 3 yrs and have had no issues until I moved from a warm / hot environment (Phoenix / Vegas) to a very mild locale (San Francisco). During the move from Vegas (summer time) I rolled this up and set it outside for a few minutes; in that time the sun totally made this soft as string which gave me the idea for my fix.Upon offloading in san fran, this mat was stiff as a board! I tried using a hair dryer and space heater to make it pliable w/out luck (though I was able to get it to unroll.) I then ordered a heat gun: https://www.amazon.com/Wagner-0503008-HT1000-200-watt-Heat/dp/B00004TUCV/ref=sr_1_2?s=hi&ie=UTF8&qid=1472322852&sr=1-2&keywords=heat+gunIt took some time on high heat (so as not to melt the mat) and several dumb bell weights to flatten while cooling, but I was able to get it to lay flat again. In Phoenix I didn't have any issues with the malleability; even during the winter it was soft and flexible. But here in San Fran (add colder climates) this thing is very rigid (see pics before/after; in phoenix the after pic mat would have been draping over the table - not firm holding a ridge.Btw, that heat gun is one the best $20 purchases I've ever made; this mat is right up there with those purchases! 4Great quality and price...Another update, August 25, 2012:I still have nothing but great things to say about this mat...I did notice the price has gone up on it, but I would expect that as nothing stays the same price year to year...I have had no problems butting the 2 mats together to make for one large cutting surface. I did put some of the rubberized shelf lining one can purchase from the dollar store under them as an added "help" in making sure they don't slide around while I am cutting...the 1st board I bought is almost 2 years old, and I must say the surface of it is still in great shape! I would consider myself pretty heavy duty into quilting...I use the mat probably every couple of days, and when I use it, I use it...So, summing up, I still highly recommend this mat. I also say even with the price increase, it is a bargain if you compare the cost of an Olfa mat to it...Update: June 14, 2011- I just ordered a 2nd mat, not because the 1st one is worn out, but because the price is too good to pass up, and I can put them together to have a really big cutting area. The 1st mat I ordered does have some areas where it is obvious that I cut at that measurement often, but it has had no impact on how the mat works. I also compared this mat with Fiskars and Olfa brand mats, and this mat is much thicker, more pliable, and has not remotely warped on me. I use this mat a lot with my quilting, it is a great size, and so far has held up wonderfully! The price is much better than other brands, same size mat surface. Having the black side as well as the green also comes in handy. I just received my 2nd mat, and it is just as good as the 1st one, and most importantly has no chemical odor! Highly recommend this mat! 5Thick self healing cutting matWhen I first got back into my sewing hobby, I discovered the ease of rotary cutting by ordering the Fiskars set which included a 18 x 24 cutting mat. I soon realized that I needed a larger mat to go under most of my patterns and decided to order this Alvin Profession mat in a 36 x 24 size and thought that I would have a large enough surface by butting them together.To my surprise, the Alvin mat turned out to be much thicker and and there was an annoying drop when the cutter reached the ridge between them. I also found that the Alvin mat was truly self-healing while my Fiskars mat was filled with gouges. The quality of the Alvin mat was so good that I ordered another in the exact same size and now have a nice large cutting surface that is also easy to store. 5My Favorite Recent Amazon PurchaseI run a vinyl decal business out of my home and have been working on creating a better work space for completing orders. I was previously cutting vinyl on a table made from scrap wood (no cutting mat or protective surface) because it was all I had at the time. I purchased this mat to rest on top of the table so that I would stop getting splinters, dust and dog hairs in my finished decals.I must first say that I have never owned a cutting mat. My mother has been sewing for most of her life and I can't remember her ever having one, either. So, I didn't really know what to shop for, only that I needed one to cover most of the surface of my work table.I purchased the Alvin Cutting Mat first for the size to price ratio (it was significantly cheaper than other brands of the same size), second for the self-healing capabilities, and third for the stellar reviews it had received. After using it for two weeks, I am happy to report that it is everything others have claimed and I am extremely pleased with it. I was initially intrigued by the two-sided feature. As far as I can tell, there is no difference in the sides other than color, so I use the green for vinyl and the black for fabric. I have cut on the mat with various blades and each time the cut disappears in seconds. It looks good as new every time I use it. I'm not sure how long this will last, as I tend to cut vinyl very often, but I am pleased thus far with the results. As for cleaning, I have used a damp cloth to wipe it down once, but for the most part it stays pretty clean with the type of work that I do on it. I am not concerned about the mat keeping its shape (mine is left flat on the table 24/7), but if I do put it away at some point, I'll be storing it flat as well; the mat isn't flimsy but seems like it could possibly warp if not hung up or stored flat.Overall, I believe this has been my best recent Amazon purchase. The mat was delivered in a large flat box to prevent bending and the packaging was sufficient. I plan to use this mat for a long time. 5Fantastic deal. Update: carcinogen warning literatureI underestimated the size but it's perfect. And huge. Love the black, looks sexy on my black desk. Nice work surface all around.Was a little concerned about the carcinogen warning; is the hand washing thing just a CYA (cover your a--) instruction? Should I also be careful to rinse things I've made on it, especially if I intend to wear them? These warnings sometimes seem more harmful than helpful...I'd like to know if something actually has a higher than .01% chance of causing cancer with regular use, but too many warnings just makes the significant warnings less noticeable. Even Starbucks has carcinogen warnings in CA. Hard to know what's a real concern unless you look into the actual literature.Update: This may be of some use. Just straight-up vinyl is on the Prop 65 list.http://www.dow.com/productsafety/finder/vinyl.htmhttp://www.epa.gov/ttnatw01/hlthef/vinylchl.htmlhttp://oehha.ca.gov/air/toxic_contaminants/pdf_zip/VC-final%20doc.pdf (airborne)-"As with all chemical substances, the health effects associated with exposure to VAM depend on the exposure level and duration. VAM is not considered to be highly toxic."-"VAM can penetrate the skin, but does not do so readily. Prolonged skin contact may cause sensitization and an allergic skin reaction in a small proportion of individuals."-"However, the tumors that were observed in laboratory animals at very high exposure concentrations for their lifetimes are not considered to be of relevance to humans exposed to low concentrations under typical use conditions."-"Several epidemiological studies have reported an association between vinyl chloride exposure in pregnant women and an increased incidence of birth defects, while other studies have not reported similar findings."I expect an adult will be fine even if they eat off of it occasionally, though no point in tempting fate. Personally I'll probably just use it with slightly more care than normal. Various sources suggest that it is mainly a risk for babies or when inhaled at high lifetime levels. I'm more concerned about all the chemicals my neighbors use on their lawns that run into the water, quite frankly. 4Superior cutting mat for Leather, Paper, Cloth.....This Alvin cutting mat is far superior to my previous purchases of Olfa and Fiskar products. The Alvin is dual sided and very thick and heavy weight...this is a professional product, no comparison to the thin sewing/craft store products. Excellent! 5
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