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2-Inch Visco Elastic Memory Foam Mattress Topper, Twin Extra Long

  • 2-Inch Visco Elastic Memory Foam  Mattress Topper, Twin Extra Long

2-Inch Visco Elastic Memory Foam Mattress Topper, Twin Extra Long

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Innovative mattress topper designed to reduce nighttime tossing and turning
  • Made of visco-elastic memory foam; contours to the body and relieves pressure points
  • Temperature-smart, open-cell foam breathes freely to keep the body cool
  • Measures 37 x 77 x 2 inches; 2-1/2 pounds per cubic foot density
  • Hypo-allergenic; made in the USA; spot clean as needed
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Customer Reviews

the foam puffs back to shape fast!As my old mem foam mattress began to age, it began to lose its bounce-back appeal. This stuff, although questionable at how pure a mem foam it is, is on the firmer side... a little abrasive to the touch. However, the product works! I am an overweight female with sharp body curves... rarw!... and was having issues switching from a mem foam mattress to a Serta Sleeper standard coil mattress... I was waking up constantly in the night with dead arms that hurt soooo bad from lack of circulation, that I cried sometimes. It took my body a couple nights to adjust to this topper... and once it did, I began enjoying amazing sleep... minimal tossing and turning... it's not a miracle worker, because let's be honest... I need to lose a few lbs if I want to really feel good in the mornings... but it comes close... ! 5Made a H U G E differenceAfter waking up every morning with sore backs, we realized our 7-year-old pillow-top mattress might need to be replaced. Since I've been dealing with back and coccyx pain, sleeping comfort is very important.We looked at many mattresses and realized we would not be able to afford what we really wanted (for me, the most expensive mattress Tempur-Pedic makes), we decided to do some research on memory foam mattress toppers. I researched many on Amazon and after carefully reading the reviews, decided to purchase the Sleep Better 2-Inch Visco Elastic Memory Foam Mattress Topper, Queen.After using it for five months, my wife and I both give it two thumbs up! The comfort and support it provides is amazing. Yes it is intentionally a bit smaller than the entire surface of your mattress so you can use the sheets you currently have and not have to purchase new one.The big thing to address is the odor. When this is delivered and you open it, it will stink. In fact, the odor can be very strong. After letting it air out for two days, we considered returning it. Then an idea popped into my cranium and I sprayed both sides of it with Febreze. After another 36-48 hours, the odor was gone and has never returned.This is a great product and I wholeheartedly recommend it. 5Inferior, Not as Pictured - Buyer BewareI ordered this item in 3-inches about 2 years ago - the item was much higher quality. This item is significantly inferior and not as pictured:1) The item is not one solid layer as pictured. Instead the item delivered has the eggshell like design marketed as "relieving pressure points" but the effect is much less memory foam material exists, as the highest peak of the design is 2 inches, but the lowest is 0.75 inches so the support is not the same as one full sheet. I assume this was done for cost savings.2) The item also has several stickers attached to it that cannot be removed - when removed these take out a chunk of the material effectively ruining the topper.I am very disappointed by the quality of this item especially compared to the 3 inch version of Sleep Better i ordered 2-3 years ago.I would not recommend purchasing this item. 1It's been great for a year so far!I've had this mattress topper for just over a year now, and I'm still liking it. My mattress is quite firm, and this topper gives it the added bit of comfort I was looking for. I've slept on thicker memory foam toppers and felt like I was sinking in a bit too deeply for my comfort, so this 2-inch topper fills the bill.In the past I've ordered foam toppers that had a chemical odor; this one may have had a bit of an odor for a couple of days, but now it is perfectly fine.I have a couple of other mattresses in my house, and if I decide to get toppers for them, I would definitely buy the same type from this supplier. 5Just Right for Gramma Bear!Ahh, sweet comfort at last! I read all the reviews, both 5 star and 1 star. And even with contrary opinions from friends, I bought this 2" foam bed topper. It was packed well, all wrapped up in heavy plastic in a box that was just enough rounded on top, that I was a bit hesitant to open it! No, it did not explode out, but after pulling it out, I needed scissors to remove the outer plastic. I unfolded it over a big chair overnight, and there were no fold marks or distortions in the morning. It went on top of my Sleep Number mattress, then a great thin, soft mattress cover -not a pad- then the bottom sheet. This gives me just enough cushion so my bony knees and ankles no longer ache in the morning. I have no problem turning my 5'7", 185# self over in the night. And my hubby likes it, too. It doesn't get hot like some pads used to, either. 5Excellent Addition to My Bed!I desperately needed a topper for my queen size bed when I came across this. Because of everyone's complaints about the "smell" and "toxins" and more, I was very hesitant to buy it. Luckily I also came across some positive reviews as well, because they helped me to just go for it!I received my topper earlier than anticipated and was able to air it out and put it on the bed within the same day. The smell was pretty strong out of the box, but within a few hours of it sitting outside in the nice breeze the smell had almost disappeared entirely. Please keep in mind that I have a VERY sensitive nose.That night my sleep was much better and by morning whatever traces of the smell were gone and I was left with this 2 inch thick slice of heaven.It has been two weeks and the topper is in perfect condition. I still get excited to lay down on the bed at night due to this thing!For the price this is an excellent topper. I MAY suggest getting a thicker topper if your mattress is as firm as mine (practically sleeping on the floor) however if you like your mattress but need that little something extra then this is perfect!Hope this review helps some of you "on-the-fencers" like the other positive reviews helped me! 4Excellent value, brings new life to old mattressPros:It gives great support to my back/side compared to my old pillow top. Usually I end up on my stomach in the morning (I assume because my body is uncomfortable), but I've seldom done that since I got this topper. It also works fine on top of my pillow top mattress, if anybody is concerned about that. And the important one: it works fine with "adult activity." Hey, somebody will find that useful information. I haven't experienced using this in the summer, as I bought it in the winter, but I haven't noticed any discernible cold or heat issues. In other words, it's not any colder or warmer than when I just had my mattress.Cons:While the measured dimensions are accurate, the topper does not completely cover my full size mattress. That may be a function of my mattress having flattened out and increased in area slightly, but it's not that big of a deal. No other negatives, as I've only had this for 3 weeks. I will update this review if anything comes up.This is the first memory foam product I've used and I am quite satisfied. After reading several reviews, I went with the 2.5 lb density version over the denser ones as I wanted firm but not hard. I'm not going to go into the details about memory foam since you're probably aware of them if you're looking at this product, but I am certainly happy with my purchase. 5Very comfortableI purchased this pad originally for my husband and he didn't like it so I started to use it and I really do like it. I decided on this pad based on a thorough discussion by another purchaser. Other mattress pads leave a dent when you roll from one side to another and take a while to recover. This pad recovers immediately. I sleep on all sides (360 ) at some point during the night and don't have any problems. I have heard that memory foam doesn't do well in cold temperatures--and our bedroom is typically around 40 in the winter. I haven't experienced this yet, but will comment after winter arrives. 5Quality isn't there anymore!We first bought this 7 years ago and LOVED it. We noticed that our old one started to wear out and decided to see if Amazon still sold it. They did, so we decided to replace ours. It was a no brainer since we loved our old one. When it got here, we were VERY disappointed. The quality has decreased DRASTICALLY. The first thing we noticed was it wasn't nearly as heavy. The foam was not as dense. The foam squished down to nothing when you laid on it. It was one of the most disappointing purchases we have made in a long time. The quality went down and the price went up. I wouldn't have had a problem with the price being higher of the quality had been the same. We have already boxed it up to send back. So sad!!! 1Decent Quality for the Price, Some ShortcomingsThe mattress still has a smell after airing out for a few hours (couldn't resist trying it after that) and still smells the morning after, but only a little bit.I have had foam toppers before, and I would say that this memory foam is not the best quality (it is not dense enough) but because of its low density, it is quite soft. That makes it perfect for side and stomach sleepers. It doesn't offer as much support as slightly higher density foam when sleeping on your back, but still is OK in that department, and if soft (not fluffy soft, mind you) is your preference, you will like this. I was not as impressed as some of the other users here, but I would say it was worth my money (but not more!)I ordered the Queen size for my Full size bed, since other users complained about it being too small (and since my mattress is shorter than average size, I was sure my sheets would still fit). It seems the mattress was two inches smaller than queen size on both dimensions, but that made it two inches too large for my full size bed. I used scissors and a knife to cut it down to size. It was a pain in the butt and also more expensive, but now I have a perfectly sized topper that makes me happier than if I had it two inches short on each side. 4
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