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1500 Supreme Collection Extra Soft King Sheets Set, Beige - Luxury Bed Sheets Set with Deep Pocket Wrinkle Free Hypoallergenic Bedding, Over 40 Colors, King Size, Beige

  • 1500 Supreme Collection Extra Soft King Sheets Set, Beige - Luxury Bed Sheets Set with Deep Pocket Wrinkle Free Hypoallergenic Bedding, Over 40 Colors, King Size, Beige
  • 1500 Supreme Collection Extra Soft King Sheets Set, Beige - Luxury Bed Sheets Set with Deep Pocket Wrinkle Free Hypoallergenic Bedding, Over 40 Colors, King Size, Beige
  • 1500 Supreme Collection Extra Soft King Sheets Set, Beige - Luxury Bed Sheets Set with Deep Pocket Wrinkle Free Hypoallergenic Bedding, Over 40 Colors, King Size, Beige
  • 1500 Supreme Collection Extra Soft King Sheets Set, Beige - Luxury Bed Sheets Set with Deep Pocket Wrinkle Free Hypoallergenic Bedding, Over 40 Colors, King Size, Beige
  • 1500 Supreme Collection Extra Soft King Sheets Set, Beige - Luxury Bed Sheets Set with Deep Pocket Wrinkle Free Hypoallergenic Bedding, Over 40 Colors, King Size, Beige
  • 1500 Supreme Collection Extra Soft King Sheets Set, Beige - Luxury Bed Sheets Set with Deep Pocket Wrinkle Free Hypoallergenic Bedding, Over 40 Colors, King Size, Beige
  • 1500 Supreme Collection Extra Soft King Sheets Set, Beige - Luxury Bed Sheets Set with Deep Pocket Wrinkle Free Hypoallergenic Bedding, Over 40 Colors, King Size, Beige
  • 1500 Supreme Collection Extra Soft King Sheets Set, Beige - Luxury Bed Sheets Set with Deep Pocket Wrinkle Free Hypoallergenic Bedding, Over 40 Colors, King Size, Beige

1500 Supreme Collection Extra Soft King Sheets Set, Beige - Luxury Bed Sheets Set with Deep Pocket Wrinkle Free Hypoallergenic Bedding, Over 40 Colors, King Size, Beige

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  • LUXURY QUALITY 4 PIECE SHEET SET - Embroidered pillowcases, deep pocket fitted sheets, 100% double brushed bed sheets for premium comfort and heirloom-style quality. A fresh set of bed sheets is always welcomed whether it be for your own bed or as a gift. Whatever the occasion may be these soft and cozy bed sheets are a great choice.
  • HOW WE MEASURE UP: Queen: 1 Flat (92" x 102") 1 Fitted (60" x 80") and 2 Standard Pillowcases (20" x 30"). King: 1 Flat (102"x105") 1 Fitted (78"x80") and 2 King Pillowcases (20"x40"). Cal King: 1 Flat (108"x102") 1 Fitted (72"x84") and 2 King Pillowcases (20"x40"). Full: 1 Flat (81"x96") 1 Fitted (54"x75") and 2 Standard Pillowcases (20"x30"). Twin: 1 Flat (66" x 96"), 1 Fitted (39" x 75"), 1 Standard Pillowcase (20" x 30").
  • DEEP POCKETS: Fits mattresses up to 16" deep with elastic all around the fitted sheet HIGHEST QUALITY BRUSHED MICROFIBER -Made of the highest quality microfiber with the largest selection of rich vibrant colors that will certainly add to your bedroom decor. Our bed sheet sets are also wrinkle and fade resistant to give your bed that fresh new ironed look every single time!
  • WASH INSTRUCTIONS: Machine wash in cold water with similar colors. Tumble dry low. Do not bleach. Equivalent to 1500 Thread Count Sheet Sets. Brand New and Factory Sealed No Ironing Necessary.
  • WE GUARENTEE THAT EACH AND EVERY REVIEW ON THIS LISTING WAS LEFT HONESTLY. OTHER SELLERS MAY HAVE GIVEN AWAY PRODUCTS IN EXCHANGE FOR THEIR POSITIVE REVIEWS. OUR REVIEWS HAVE BEEN ACCUMULATED OVER MANY YEARS AS WE CONTINUE TO IMPROVE. We do encourage customers to always leave product reviews. Since 2012, we have used customer reviews to improve our bedding listings and our sheets & pillowcase sets. We have always been committed to our customers and we will continue to be in the future.
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Customer Reviews

If you re looking for high-quality sheets: don t look at these.I had more pictures to post but it seems I m only allowed to post one so I posted this one to show the quality of that stitching. Awful. The sheets are terrible. I thought to myself What a steal! 1500 thread count sheets. Sweet. I just knew I made the right decision.I m huge on sheets. I like big heavy sheets of high quality. I m talking the quality is so good that you become a sheet snob and want to find random reasons just to lay on the bed ....raining outside...bed...stubbed my toe...bed...bad hair day...you got it...go lay in bed and be welcomed by awesome some sheets). My kids are always trying to find reasons why they need to get in my bed because my sheets are top shelf. My cats...oh man...they re not allowed in my room yet they ve learned to pick the lock just to leave their little cat hair s proof that they were snuggling in my bed. They don t even bother to hide the evidence.Anyway, back to these sheets...terrible quality. They are extremely thin and they feel like they ll fall apart the first time I wash them. They remind me of sheets from a 2 Star or less hotel. You know...the kind of hotel you have to stay at because you didn t plan ahead on your long drive from OH to FL and decide to stop a night, only to find that everybody and their mama did the same thing and unfortunately they made their bookings early so you re stuck at place where the shower sprays all over the bathroom floor? Yeah, those kind of sheets.The stitching is awful. If you are used to truly high quality sheets then don t make the mistake of purchasing these. Spend the extra money. High quality items pay attention to details. Also, when you hold these sheets up to the light, you can see right through them. My expensive 1500 count sheets, you cannot.I m so glad that I didn t purchase more than one pair which I almost did.1Super soft and snuggly!I decided to sleep on these sheets for a few weeks before writing a review to really get a feel for them. A patient of mine recommended getting microfiber sheets because they were extra soft and made him sleep all night. I needed deep fitted sheets because I have a memory foam topper ontop of a regular sized queen mattress. I hate the sheets that always come off as you sleep. These sheets feel amazing, very soft and cool to the touch. Made my bed a place I don't wanna get out off in the morning. I got a fitted sheet, top sheet and two regular sized pillow cases. I got them in white, very true white color. The price was great to me because I've spent more on crappy sheets. They come packaged in a cute plastic zip up bag that I keep incase I switch out my bedding. I have them four stars because they said 15" deep fitted sheets and my topper is only 3" which makes my bed less than 15" and when my husband and I put them on for the first time they didn't fully fit on the sides all the way down, corners fit just fine. I am fine with that because it's less than an inch and they don't slide around or pop off.4Buyer beware!Upon opening the plastic package for the Twin Sheets Set I ordered, I discovered that it had a funny odor to it. It smelled like bad foot odor. I also noticed that there were a few brown blotches on the sheets, when I finally removed them to be washed in the laundry. I did wash them eventually but did not feel comfortable using them. In the long run, I ended up throwing both sheets away in a closed, plastic bag. I guess I'm writing this review in the hopes that the manufacturers will ensure that the next products they ship out to their customers, are clean and odor-free. Because although I took drastic steps to prevent anything from happening (including wasting my money in the process), I was not willing to put my confidence in a product that I suspect might've been infested.1These sheets are great, negative reviewers have unrealistic expectations.First of all, this product has 4+ stars with 20,000+ reviews and the sheets are $25. For the money, the quality and value seem to be well tested, given the sheer number of positive reviews. You can't beat those numbers, for what you're getting. These sheets are very soft and I love them. The color (pink) is slightly brighter than I was hoping for but I can't complain given the price and softness. I think they look great on my bed.To anyone claiming the manufacturer lied about the material: the item description lists these sheets as MICROFIBER that have similar softness to 1500 threadcount cotton. This listing does not claim these sheets are Egyptian cotton or 1500 threadcount or anything else people want to whine about in their reviews. Microfiber is made of synthetic blends like polyester or nylon, so these sheets are not cotton but they are still very soft. Microfiber threads are also much smaller than cotton threads, which is why these sheets seem see through - there is still a very high density of threads per square inch but because the threads are thinner than many people are accustomed to, these sheets look thinner than they are; this actually makes them good light sheets to use without a comforter on warm nights. These are my main sheets and they're my favorite; I use older, thicker sheets as back ups when I'm washing my primary set, and I can tell you these sheets are much nicer than the ones I was using previously. Microfiber is a newer material than cotton so some people might not be used to it; when you're in bed wrapped in these sheets, you can't tell what material they are, they're just soft. That's all that should matter, really. I wish people would stop complaining that these aren't cotton - first of all, please read reviews and item descriptions, don't assume the material or blame the manufacturer because you didn't read the listing. Amazon has a great return system anyway, so it's not a big hassle if these sheets aren't what you thought. Secondly, these sheets are more affordable than equivalent cotton sheets and they also breathe better than cotton sheets do. I've slept in cotton sheets many times and I find them restrictive and hot, whereas these sheets are soft, cool, and have more give to them.For the money, these are great. I didn't feel like spending $60 on sheets at a store; these are more affordable and I trust the reviews.4Don't buy them.No way. I cannot believe 30,000 Amazon customers bought these same sheets and thought they were 4-5 stars... usually Amazon reviews are reliable. Not this time. These sheets have not ONE single seam that is double stitched. Not one. The fitted sheet has a single-stitched little pocket with elastic floating in it... the elastic isn't even sewn in! WHAT?! And it's thin as a rubberband. Speaking of thin, so is the material of the sheets -- like pantyhose I almost poked a fingernail through putting the fitted sheet on the mattress. And it fits... barely (California king). These are, basically, $37.00 disposable bedclothes. I can see right through the fabric. They are soft, however. Be sure to have a scissors available... The Chinese sew the tag onto the TOP edge of the flat sheet. Really. Epic fail, Amazon. Epic fail. I wonder if they will make it through one wash. If I didn't need something to sleep on tonight, I'd send them back. I'm embarrassed to say, I waited until bedtime to put them on the bed. If you're brave enough to buy these, don't wait until bedtime to try them!1You DON'T Get What You Pay ForI ordered a set of the full-sized white sheets. I received the white sheet set in a package that specified top and fitted full sheets and standard pillowcases. Inside, however, was a FULL top sheet, TWIN XL bottom sheet and two QUEEN pillowcases three different sizes! All were correctly marked on their respective attached tags as the three different sizes, they just shouldn't have been packaged together as a full-sized set. I could have made do with the set if the fitted sheet was correct, but the Twin XL fitted sheet was way too small for my full-sized mattress. I contacted the seller with this information, hoping that they could sell and send me a full fitted sheet, or an inspected correct set, but what I received back was a stock message suggesting that I write a review, and not acknowledging or addressing my issue. I am not willing to gamble on exchanging and possibly receiving random sizes again.Secondly, I was disappointed that they must be washed in cold water, as hot water does a better job of killing bacteria. The sheets were soft, but that does me no good if I can t use them or even wash them properly.I can t get the set back in the tightly-fitting original package to return, so the seller gets the money, I am stuck with a mismatched set that will likely be donated as individual pieces, and I still need sheets. Waste of time.1Crazy comfy for crazy low price. Love these sheets!!!Bought these sheets back in November, after we got a new, king-sized bed. They were sooooo inexpensive that I almost didn t buy them. If it seems too good to be true, it usually is, right? But there were enough positive reviews that I took a chance. And, wow, am I glad I did!! My husband and I love these sheets. They are soft and cool, exactly like we like them. They feel like my grandma s 100% cotton sheets that are 30 years old, lol. They re THAT soft. I waited to write this review until we d had them for a few months, just to see how they wear after a few washings and they re still as soft and smooth as they were the first time. I m pretty OCD about changing the sheets every weekend. But not quite So OCD about washing them, right away. So I usually have 3-4 sheet sets in the linen closet. And these sets are so inexpensive that we got this ice blue set, a lavender set, an orange set and a yellow set, all for about what we paid for a single, high-end cotton set for our old, queen-sized bed. And these sheets are more comfortable than those. Couldn t be happier with our purchase.5Unreliable.I first purchased these in July and loved them so much I purchased another set in the same color in August.First- they are a slightly different color which didn t bother me because it s very subtle.Second- I washed them before putting them on my bed just like the first set all by themselves in the washer and dryer. This set however has stains that I found after putting them on.Also- the first set had white elastic straps on the fitted sheet that helped a LOT with keeping the sheets on, and these don t. I don t like gambling with my money on whether or not I m going to get the right set of sheets. If customer service resolves my problem, I ll be happy to change my review.1PERFECT FOR US!!!Sooo, I NEVER write reviews. I'm not good at them and I really never know if anything I'd have to say would be helpful but I really thought I could contribute about these sheets. I've been sleeping with jersey sheets for about 20 years. I like sheets that are a little warmer, feel "worn in" and a little thicker but smooth not like flannel which are too hot and stick to my skin. My husband has always preferred cotton sheets but I could never find a set that felt "worn in" or soft and cozy, they always feel stiff and a little too cold for me even after I've been in bed for awhile. I may be giving the impression that I like to be "super warm" when I sleep which is not the case, I sleep year round with a fan blowing on the bed because I like a cold room, just a warm bed. So I read many reviews about these sheets and I really don't know that much about microfiber or about different sheet counts so I can't compare the two. However, I can tell you these are very possibly the BEST and MOST COMFORTABLE sheets I've ever slept on. They're light weight and feel sort of fluffy and so you don't feel any weight from them at all which I have to say is a really nice change from the jersey that I didn't realize was unpleasant until sleeping with these. But while they're so lightweight feeling, they're VERY SOFT and COZY at the same time if you want to pull them around you just a little bit but there's still no heavy feeling to them. They're EXTREMELY SOFT, not exactly silky, a lot more durable feeling than that and no feeling like your going to slide and your blankets don't slide at all either, but they're just very soft like worn in cotton sheets that have been washed a few times in really nice fabric softener, similar to a nice hotel sheet but even softer than that. They remind me of sleeping over at my grandma's when I was little and she always seemed to have the softest cotton sheets that I could never duplicate. My Husband is ECSTATIC!!! He says he can't believe I finally bought "his sheets" and says they're the best feeling sheets he's ever slept on and he is the king of testing cotton sheets. He says this is the nicest material he's ever felt in general and is wondering if he could get dress shirts made from it too . They're very breathable and not stiff at all. If you're looking for clean, crisp sheets, these are not it, but I had read that they were like jersey and they're not at all, they're much lighter and softer. I'd read that they felt they would tear easily and they were so thin they were flimsy. I'm very concerned about flimsy material and these seem very sturdy despite their lightweightedness and softness, I'd expect them to last quite some time. I'm sure we're ordering more sets and I'm getting some for my son who's VERY sensitive to fabric and is always too hot or cold and these give you the perfect temperature so I know he's going to love them!!! I don't know if this has been helpful to anyone but I hope so because I truly cannot say enough great things about these sheets! Really, if you're on the fence, go with them, I'm SO GLAD I did! I think I've found the perfect set for my husband and I after a 15 year search which has been no easy job!! Hope you try them and enjoy them as much as we are!!5These sheets!! Holy moly! These sheets Okay, first off, I have always bought fairly expensive sheets because I am so picky about the softness of my sheets. When I saw these, I thought no way could those be any good due to the low price tag. But, they had great reviews so I decided, what the heck, it s only $30 I ll give it a try. So glad I did!Color - The color is absolutely perfect. From the picture, I thought they were going to be a dark, dull purple but, again, I figured I d give them a try and see what happened. The color in person is so beautiful. It s a deep, rich purple and the sheets even have a slight sheen to them.Texture - I could tell they were soft as soon as I felt them. I washed them before putting them on my bed and they maintained their softness. No stiffness or roughness, just smooth and soft.Wrinkles - I washed and dried these and they came out 98% wrinkle free. Some of the wrinkles that remained may have just been from being packaged.Size - I purchased king and they fit my king size bed perfectly, but my mattress is only 13in so I don t know if they would fit a mattress that is super thick.Thickness - they feel thick enough to keep me warm, but thin enough to not make me hot, not too thin to make them feel cheap. Perfect thickness.Other perk - I love love love the elastic strip that goes diagonal across the corners, which keeps the sheets from slipping off the mattress. Nice bonus feature!!I am still in shock at the quality of these sheets for only $30. I attached a couple pics just to show the fit and wrinkle-free quality, but the crappy lighting in my bedroom definitely does not do the color justice. They look much better in person. Also, the horizontal lines are from my mattress - it s brand new and was still taking its shape when I took the picture, lines have nothing to do with the sheets.I will most definitely be buying more sets and would highly recommend! 5
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